December 15, 2013

Special music for birthday party

We performed for the Philippino goodwill ambassador’s birthday party.

We were invited to the Philippino goodwill ambassador and had the opportunity to sing a gospel song called, “In The Light of The Day” The host who invited us was pleased and said, “I believe your performance touched the hearts of many in the party.”

December 14, 2013

Concert in a hospital for the elderly

On Dec. 14, we held a gospel concert in a hospital for the elderly in Tokyo.

The concert had a very homey feeling. The audience clapped for us every time we performed, and some were even moved to tears. After the concert, we received comments like: “Those were really good songs. Thank you. Please come again.”  It was a real blessing.

September 12, 2013

2013 September Concert

We performed in the September Concert that was held in a nursing home in Yokohama City on Sept.

We performed as one of 5 groups and sang the Yasuragi music in front of approximately 100 people. Our performance was the first time they heard gospel music, and they listened attentively. We received comments like: “That was the good music.” We give thanks to the Lord

March 8, 2013

Euqaristias joined a concert at a care center

On March 8, we joined a concert that was hosted by a non-profit organization called “Musicians Without Boarders”. We were able to sing a couple of the Yasuragi songs before an audience of approximately 200 people.

February 28, 2013

Worship in Hakuba

The Hakuba Synerugoi Camp was held in winter.
We were able to praise and worship the Lord together in Hakuba. A new vocal member joined our group so that our vocal range increased.

Our retreat is held in Hakuba, Nagao-ken every summer and winter. If you are interested in the camp, come and join us. For more information, you can visit us at