October 31, 2014

Rainbow in Galilee!

At the end of October, we had the opportunity to take a ship in Galilee.

However, before our trip started, it suddenly began to rain and thunder!

So I was worried about boarding.

But just before boarding, the skies then suddenly cleared and a rainbow appeared in front of the port.

After we praised and worshiped the Lord on the ship, we saw a double-rainbow again!

How lovely!

October 30, 2014

We worship the Lord in Israel!

On the first day, we worshipped the Lord together in the evening conference in Jerusalem.

We sang three of our original songs in Israel.

During the special praise time, we sang our own original song entitled "Jesus is our Savior."

When we sang the line, "Jesus is our Savior" in Hebrew, we felt the strong presence of the Lord.

October 28, 2014

We're going to Israel!

Before boarding, I saw ANA's Panda airplane.

Does it look like my friend, Panda? Just kidding.

I brought my guitar to Israel.

Noah carried my guitar instead of me.

Thank you.

October 22, 2014

We will go to Israel

Our church is sending a mission team to Israel at the end of this month. Jun and I be a part of the team. I wanted to visit there as a singing group and prayed for several years. So to me, it was like a miracle. God answered the prayer!

Our new song book, "The Sound of The Wind No. 2," was released the other day. The CD will be released in the middle of November, however we'll be able to hear the songs in Israel while we travel by bus.

So I'm looking forward to listening to our songs in Israel.

Shimizu-san is also with us.

October 16, 2014

Music service at an adult day center

On October 16, we visited an adult day center, where we regularly visit.

We sang twelve songs mainly from our gospel songbooks and we also sang some Japanese folk songs and popular songs.

At first, we sang Japanese folk songs while doing some light exercises with the participants and we enjoyed singing rounds together.

The elderly participants were especially touched by the gospel songs.

They specially requested us, so we are scheduled to visit two times in November. And we plan to tell the Good News with songs in December.

October 1, 2014


Our new songbook, "The Sound of The Wind No. 2," is now on sale.

It is comprised of mainly original Japanese gospel songs, but a couple of English songs are also included. There are seventy seven songs in all.

We recorded two songs from the songbook yesterday.

To me, it was like a dream come true because it was my first time recording as a gospel group.

I'm looking forward to the music.

The CD will be released next month.