July 29, 2014

Praise in everything

This year we appeared on stage for the final round of a praise competition in Hakuba.

We're grateful to the Lord.

July 19, 2014

We came back to Japan safely

We came back to Japan safely.

This is the rainbow when we were departing Japan.
Thank you for your prayers.
We give all the glory to the Lord!

July 18, 2014

Going home

I'm heading to a Greek port called Piraeus.
How lovely the rising sun is!

Just before boarding

Just before boarding for our flight home, we performed in the streets of Patmos again.

We met a Greek man who writes music in Greek. If we see him again in Patmos in the future, we hope to perform together with traditional Greek instruments.

We hope we can come back to Patmos again!

July 17, 2014

Last Day

This is the last stay of our stay in Patmos.
I hope I can come back to Patmos again.

Osan gave me the white pants.
I'm wearing pants I am wearing in these pictures.
It's so suitable for sightseeing.

On the last day, I sang a song I wrote called "Jesus Is My Savior" again. When we sang this song, many people stood and listened.

Our Third Street Performance

The lady from Denmark advised us to go to the middle of the street. So we took her advice and went forward. There were many tourists and guests.

As soon as we sang, a pretty girl began to dance.

What pretty dancing!
We received compliments like: "Wonderful!" and "Beautiful!"

Our Second Street Performance in Patmos

On the second day, we performed in the streets again in front of the restaurant where we had the lamb. Many people stood and listened, saying, "Bravo!" 

A Romanian Pastor and one of his church members, and a lady from Denmark sang our song with us. We sang "You Are My Healer" from Sound of The Wind 1 together. I was so moved.

July 16, 2014

Lamb Ribs

I had a rack of lamb for the first time in Patmos!
Nostimos! (This means "delicious" in Greek.)

But the dish is too big for me, so I shared with one of my friends.

Fly! Quad copter!

We flew a filming device attached to a remote-controlled quadcopter.

This is the first time being flown in Patmos!

These are our team members being filmed the sky through the quadcopter.

Small guitar

I'm so happy to use a guitar in Patmos.

It is a small children's guitar.
It has a nice sound that echoes in Patmos.

Special Music

In the evening service, we sang "JOY" from Sound of The Wind 1. The speakers we used were so useful in this room. This room is usually used as a dinning hall, but we used the room for our service instead.

Street performance in Patmos!

We performed in the streets of Patmos for the first time ever.
Many people listened and some took videos.

The audience enjoyed listening to us.

They said to us in Greek, "Efukarisuto (Thank you)" "Karisto Pori (Thank you so much)"

We received many compliments like: "Nice music" and "Beautiful!"

July 15, 2014

Arrival in Patmos

We have just arrived in Patmos.

It's midnight right now.
We are going to bed now.

July 13, 2014


I visited the Colosseum about 20 years ago. At that time, there were only a few tourists. But I heard the previous Pope developed this site. From that point on, many more people visited this place.

I photographed the cross in Colosseum.

This is Italian food!

In Rome, we had a pasta for lunch.
It was delicious!

One of my friends ordered a pizza with uncured ham and anchovies.
It was delicious, too!

This is Ysan. She is one of our staff members.
She asked the shop clerk to add a dessert to our course lunch.
It was better than I expected!

We worship the Lord in Rome

On Sunday, we were able to have our worship service in a famous priest's room.

I was able to sing a song I wrote entitled "Jesus Is Our Savior" The deep presence of the Lord poured out into this place.

July 12, 2014

Arrival in Rome

We arrived in Rome safely. On the way to Rome, we had a beautiful night view of Rome from the airplane.

In Frankfurt, we had dinner at a lounge. We had a lot of good meals there. I especially love German bread. It's better than the German bread in Japan.

In Rome, we traveled in the city and after that, we were scheduled to have our worship service in a Catholic church.

July 11, 2014

Haneda International Airport

We're flying out of Haneda airport. Haneda International Airport is convenient for us because it's closer to Tokyo than Narita airport. And it's brand new!

July 10, 2014

Rome and Patmos

Typhoon no. 5 has hit Japan. It is the first typhoon to hit our country this year. However, now it's getting weaker and weaker.

Tomorrow, we're going to fly to Rome. I hope we'll be able to fly safely and on time.

I will bring a smaller guitar on the trip. Even though it's small, the sound is really good. Because it's lightweight it's comfortable to travel with!

It will be very useful for this trip and future performances!

July 7, 2014


Our pianist named O-san shared her blueberries with us!
She received them from another gospel group she played for recently.

One of our members, J-san, loves blueberries.

Without a moment's delay...

She ate them.

Our friend Mikiko from the gospel group "La Spousa" enjoyed them with us!

July 6, 2014

Film Festival

When we performed in front of Chichibu Station a few weeks ago, we left a good impression and we received a request to perform at a film festival in Chichibu! How wonderful we are!

I wondered if we received the offer because we sang the popular songs "Let It Go". But,  I believe it's because we sang our original gospel songs called "Yasuragi" and "Sound of The Wind". God is always with us!

We are schedule to perform on a holiday. We're looking forward to seeing many tourists in Chichibu on that day!

July 3, 2014

Final Round of Hakuba Praise Contest

Yeah! Got it!

We've passed the second round of praise contest! We were one of the runners-up. However, we were chosen to be one of the performers!

The final round of Hakuba praise contest will be held at a hall in Omachi City, Nagano. It's a famous and big hall! We'll appear on stage for the first time in two years.

25 gospel groups from all around the world will perform in front of judges. All we want to do is just pray, relax, practice and have faith! Our vision is to reach the top 15 in the contest.