August 11, 2014

We performed in a nursing home

We visit a nursing home in Tokyo once or twice a month. In August we visited there to hold a gospel concert with another gospel group named "Uranus."

There were strong winds that day because of Typhoon No. 11. However we were protected during our visit to and from there.

Uranus singing
They sang "You'll Be All Right"
Euqaristias singing
They sang "Lay Down Your Burdens."

In the beginning, we sang Japanese traditional songs and popular songs together for 30 minutes. After that, each gospel group sang our own original gospel songs. And then we sang famous folk songs with senior citizens from the community. So we performed for one hour in total.

The audience enjoyed it so much, some of them were moved to tears. One of the staff members in the home was very impressed.

We also plan to visit there next month.

We are grateful to the Lord.