August 16, 2014

We performed in the streets of Koenji

Today, we had a gospel concert in Koenji. Before our concert, we performed in the streets of Koenji.

As we started our performance, it was rainy. But after we began singing for a while, the skies cleared and we could see a beautiful rainbow!

It was so colorful and beautiful. And then we were able to sing our original gospel songs for 40 minutes under the clear sky!

Some of the audience members were so touched that they came to our concert!

In the beginning of the performance, there was one man in the audience who hated us. However as we sang, his attitude changed. Finally, he said, "Sorry for my bad attitude. Your music is really great." He was changed and touched. Hallelujah!

After the performance, one of our friends from Okinawa gave us a lot of ice cream as a gift. Thank you. So goooood!